03 Aug 2016 | NURZAHRA
Creativity that Inspires by Victoria Tunggono
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NurZahra’s concept of creation is basically revolves around its name, “the Luminous Light”, which had been the basic philosophy and value that applied in all aspects in the business, either consciously or unconsciously. It had been the basic question and source of the search for the right pattern and design making.

Just like the process of creation of the universe, every other creation should go through the same process. It will involve the substance, the nature, the color, the shape, the smell, and aesthetic. These are the basic of every creation, and these are also used in all NurZahra collections design that when combined together they will develop into an art, pattern, design, and finally become a fashion.

The collections of NurZahra also represent the continuous story of one’s personal search for The Light, as each collection has its own philosophy meaning and concept. The first collection, Cruise Collection, was played safe with basic geometry and simple designs. This can also symbolizes one’s spirituality that was still on the surface, at the starting point of one’s spiritual journey.

The search for The Light progressed in the next collections, which are Batik Heritage and NurZahra Resort. The design was playing with more colors and both geometric shapes from the batik stamp method and organic touch from the shibori technique. It was obvious that NurZahra choose to combine contemporary geometry pattern with batik as the brand’s DNA, as a way to tell the world that NurZahra is a fashion product from Indonesia, that both of the technique and the craftsmen came originally from Indonesia, but the idea can come from anywhere so it is universally wearable for everyone. This was also an effort to support small local industry and to give thanks to the motherland for the richness of the culture.

The efforts met a result. Indonesia Fashion Forward glanced at NurZahra and gave an education for fashion business that would enhance the knowledge and design quality for the brand. Folk Solitude, the next collection, had shown a great leap of faith that seen both in the patterns and clothing types. NurZahra was playing with more layers, more various shapes of headscarves, and complicated designs. This, for one’s spiritual reasons, represents the solitude one would need to contemplate, to reflect and to find the answer of the search. As if the previous collections were the introduction to religion and spiritual world, Folk Solitude describes an understanding, that one had found one’s path and needs solitariness for the meditation.

Next, Layers of Fidelity shows the many layers of spirituality in life. It is the human’s stairs of faith that visualized with even more layers and various style of the outfit. The heaviness and thickness in the design represents that faith and spirituality are not easy to achieve. All people are born with mind, but not many are using it. The mind is given to help us search and finally understand more about life and God, to grow and achieve more, and to reach to the higher place, because humans are not created to stay in just one place. Humans are designed to move forward, to reach higher, and to achieve Heaven in their journey as the highest form of spirituality.

Once one had reached the wholeness in spirituality, they arrive to the Hanging Garden, which represents the heaven on the top of the stairs of faith. At this stage, human should be fully aware of their existence in the universe, and their spirituality is full. This is also why NurZahra is not created only for the Muslims. The brand indeed departed from Muslim principles and teachings, but at this point the understanding of equality and universality of human beings are perceived. There is no longer differences or diversities, for God created all humans as an equal and NurZahra is also made for all humans. One of the reasons for choosing NurZahra as the brand name despite its universal designs is to promote modest clothing and spread its elegant art to be the trend to the world, so everybody could see the beauty in deeper meaning.

After one had reached Heaven and still blessed for being alive, the only thing one can do is to go back on Earth and give back to the nature and society. Many people who have got enlightened are serving the others in order to appreciate God’s blessings and to help the surroundings for the wholeness of one’s self in many different missions. For example is Sacagawea, the name of a Native American woman who helped in the adventure of Lewis and Clark’s journey that taken for the newest NurZahra’s second collection of 2015. Sacagawea was known for her strength and gentleness, her diligence, intelligence, friendliness and bravery, which inspired NurZahra for dedicating its latest collection for this legendary figure.

From the previous collections we can see NurZahra’s journey in design and creativity as well as one’s spiritual journey are all about practices, contemplation and experiments. It is a continuous process that must be done to keep on living and thriving. For its future collections, NurZahra will carry on its mission to spread kindness to all human beings and to inspire the surroundings enlightened by The Light itself.

Written by Victoria Tunggono

Publisher Afterhours Books

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