Collaboration with Eric Broug
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I started collaborating in 2014 with Nur Zahra fashion in Jakarta, Indonesia. I came across some of their early work online and loved how they used Islamic geometric design in their work. We decided to work together to create  some fabrics. I supplied the patterns, they interpreted and applied them. The results have been great. Hopefully their fashion will be available globally very soon. 

Broug Design

How I got into Islamic Geometric Design

I got into it as a student in Amsterdam. I came to the realisation that I wanted to find something that would interest me forever and give me an interesting life. I found a book on the subject (Arabic Geometrical Pattern and Design by Jules Bourgoin), and discovered that I found it endlessly interesting. I made a deal with myself that I would pursue it not as a hobby, but as a calling. In hindsight, it has seemed to that Islamic geometric design  chose me rather than the other way around. For ten years, I worked with a compass, ruler, pencil and paper and tried to deconstruct the patterns in this book in order to be able to reconstruct them. I moved to London to get a formal education at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. However, their approach was not really my cup of tea so I moved to SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), where I did my MA in the History of Islamic Art and Architecture. I now live in the North of England, where I balance my dayjob (travelling the world for an academic publisher) with my writing, educational and artmaking activities. 

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