NurZahra's Story


NurZahra is amongst the best Moslem wear labels in Indonesia. Since its launching in 2010, NurZahra has found its place in the nations fashion industry. Carrying a solid concept and trademark, it was no surprise that in a little matter of time NurZahra owned a special place in the hearts of Indonesia’s fashion lovers, due to its modern and elegant designs.

Although the label is made to accommodate hijab users, the variety of clothing and accessories are extremely wearable by those who do not wear the hijab. Entering the four years of its existence, NurZahra eagers to become the pioneer of appropriate clothing for women in general by consistently emphasizing on comfort and modernity in every piece and design.

The name NurZahra is derived from the Arabic word 'Nur' meaning light and 'Zahra' meaning luminous. Brought together, NurZahra means 'luminous light'. Aspired as a lighthouse, NurZahra wants to spread luminous light to every corner of the globe. The word 'Zahra' is also taken from the name of Fatima Zahra, daughter of Prophet Muhammad, who's being is an inspiration for many. Hence, the name NurZahra envisions to become todays inspiration in style and modern life.

To date, NurZahra has successfully launched four signature collections where each collection holds its own strength. The first-born collection titled “Heritage Indigo Batik” provided a solid platform for the label. Followed by “Resort 2012”, a collection of customized indigo and batik material, which became the second line to be presented at Indonesia Fashion Week. “Folk Solitude” is the next line inspired by the lives of Eastern European countryside, a new lift to the Moslem wear scene that usually adopts a theme from the Middle East and Melayu. This collection was also showcased at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. Year 2014 marked the launch of “Layers of Fidelity” collection that plays around with layers and holds strength in its patterns from Islamic and Turkish geometric arts also dropping dots to add dimension. This collection was successfully presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2014.
NurZahra in 2014 launched two latest collections, namely “Hanging Garden” and “Sacagawea” – both will be presented at the series of events at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014.

Cutting and Silhouette
Aspired to be the light of inspiration, NurZahra wishes to expand its reach to fashion lovers beyond the Moslem community. Therefore, the themes within NurZahra designs are universal. Straight, simple, loose and long cuttings will still be the labels signatures, however modernity, elegance and sophisticated silhouettes will surely come through. NurZahra also emphasizes on comfort, translating its design into light, airy and simple pieces made to be easily put together by any woman.

Pattern and Design
One of NurZahra’s strength lies in its patterns. NurZahra adopts rich and aesthetic pattern of Islamic art and geometric design. Using Shibori coloring techniques (special Japanese tie-dye), NurZahra creates basic canvas for its creation. These patterns then blend made by the Indonesian traditional batik process. This technique results unique patterns that are one of a kind. Applying batik touches to the collection was an easy decision for NurZahra, as it proves the participation of preserving Indonesia’s heritage. In the batik making, NurZahra sets a high standard with the help of craftsmanship by empowering women in rural villages, a process that also serves social and economic empowerment.

Material and Fabric    
As positioned to be the premium brand in fashion, NurZahra is committed not only to apply high craftsmanship production techniques but also strictly use the finest quality of material. The usage of light and airy organic cotton-voile is to ensure comfort of each of its clothing items whereas crepe-silk is used for scarfs as a merit of exclusivity.
Separately from using only the best fabric, NurZahra also commits to be environmentally cautious by using organic material. Only natural colors made from plants are used in NurZahra Batik & Natural Dye collection; the signature indigo blue come from the indigo plant (tarum), its earthy and warm yellow is extracted from morinda tree, while the opaque green is from the trunk of the mahogany tree. These efforts are not only eco friendly by being safe and do not create hazardous waste, but it also adds exclusivity to the products of NurZahra.

Customer Profile
NurZahra is developed for active woman living in urban and metropolitan cities. The segment is focused for women in their mid twenties to mid forties who are new to hijab or to those who already wear hijab but need an alternative choice that is simple yet comfortable. However, NurZahra’s market does not stop here. The designs are also made for women who love long, loose cuts but still display modernity and elegance. This segment refers to women who follow the fashion scene through magazines and social media being aware of social and environmental issues. These characteristics are inline to NurZahra’s tagline: be chic, covered and conscious.

Product Category
NurZahra serves its segment through two product categories. Indigo Batik collection, as well as scarf collections, are creme de la creme of the collection. These are aimed for the mature and high-end class with price tags above USD 150 for each piece.
The second category is Basic collections from cotton natural dye color, tenun and more priced at USD 80 and above. Also the basic hijab jersey collections, with price tags ranging from USD 8 and above.

Available in Jakarta, Indonesia at :
Metro Department Store Pondok Indah Mall & Plaza Senayan, Jakarta - Indonesia