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Since its inception in Jakarta in 2009, NurZahra has brought a breath of fresh air to the nation’s Moslem women’s fashion industry with its signature geometric ethnic pattern, based on the use of eco-friendly method and material. From the get go NurZahra shows strong commitment to bring stylish comfort for novice hijab wearer.

Nurzahra’s maiden foray to international stage with Layers of Fidelity receives positive response from international fashion luminaries and the media who are at hand during Tokyo Fashion Week 2014. In its review, international news agency, AFP, believes that Widiesta Dhari succeeds in showcasing the modesty that defines Moslem women’s fashion with such imaginative approach that breaks down primordial boundaries. They even goes on to declare NurZahra as one of the most prominent Asian labels in the prestigious stage.

The key in NurZahra’s success, according to Her World Singapore (link), is the vibrant ideas behind every work presented in Tokyo Fashion Week 2014. Such gusto really steals the show for NurZahra. No less than Ms Shinoda, organizer of the event, sees NurZahra’s performance, and the support of a number of Indonesia’s artistic talents, is the most eye-catching of the many who take part in the show. More over, mixture of creative elements that underlies NurZahra’s Layers of Fidelity attracts more recognition from Women’s Wear Daily magazine. Harpers Bazaar US also featured NurZahra as "Designers To Watch" on June 2014 Edition.

Indonesian media also gives its enthusiastic response for NurZahra’s international performance. A number of prominent news outlet re-produce reviews from Agence France Presse, while Kompas and Grazia magazine print exclusive interviews with designer Windri Widiesta Dhari. In the interview she admits that the positive feedback serves as acknowledgement to the nation’s fashion industry and the team who support NurZahra’s performance at Tokyo Fashion Week 2014. It encourages the label to bring its originality and creative ideas to an even higher level.

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